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Welcome to my portfolio on the extremes of human life in Cape Town. 


My images show the poor black community and the affluent white one but this is not representative. There is a growing wealthy black section in society and a lot of poor white citizens found mostly outside of Cape Town. My photos are political in an uplifting way. 

My photographic mission is to get closer, know more, be more intense and more intimate. My close ups of residents in township shacks reflects this. I hope to capture the whites in peoples eyes. 


These and my other documentary photos can be bought on the worlds biggest stock library.

I learnt about politics by debating with Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party, while we were both elected to Haringey Council in north London. I was a Conservative Councillor and this experience gave me the confidence, knowledge and contacts to report on politics with words and photographs. 

I work as a freelance television journalist specialising in reporting on the Middle East for foreign global news channels. I regularly appear on live TV to discuss breaking political stories on this troubled region. 

I can write articles to go with my photos and have produced travel features for the Press Association.

Living in Wood Green, north London, brings me close to the extremes of crime, traffic, education, social services, politics and transport.... a bit like in Cape Town!

Click on each photo to make it larger. Each picture is subject to copyright laws and is for sale to the media at £50. See Alamy for more.

Please contact me for press or photography projects. Thanks. and 07949 060033

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